How Web Papers work ?

Quite simply, it is an automatic launcher of web pages.
When inserting the connector on a USB port, it will open the web page corresponding to
the URL saved via the computer’s browser.
Everything happens in seconds, without user intervention.

Does the USB connectors of Web Papers Have Memory ?

No, these are USB connectors with a memory of a few bytes.
This memory is inert and insufficient for the connector to be recognized as an external storage device (such as a USB stick or external hard drive).                                                                                        On these connectors are permanently saved a URL address related to a marketing or communication campaign.

What kind of printing ?

All documents benefit from Offset quality printing with a finish by matte or glossy lamination.
Of course, in the case of printing, it is possible to add options such as selective varnishes for example.

Can we fix a connector in a book ?

It is possible to integrate a connector in a book in detachable form, as well one of the cover pages as an inside page.
Or, make it a bookmark, which will be very useful for the reader.

What is the minimum order quantity ?

The minimum manufacturing quantities are 500 copies.
This quantity is related to the constraint of an offset printing at our printer.
However, for very small prints, we can study laser printing.

Are web pages opening for sure ?

Yes, because our connectors are developed to work under all operating sytems, PC or Mac.
Of course, as with all web applications, computers must be connected to the web and have an internet browser in their operating system.
On a Mac, the connector will open the current Safari browser and will find it systematically in the Doc.

Can we register several URLs on a USB connector ?

No, only one URL is recordable on the connectors. On the other hand, you can setup redirects from the destination web page.

Is it possible to identify which recipient saw the web page ?

Yes, this is possible if we number each registered URL on the connectors.
This is very useful for extracting datas on who logged in, what was his/her time of connection, on which page he was able to bounce, etc.
These analyzes are made from a tracking platform that we set up and make available.

Can USB connectors contain and transmit viruses ?

No, because there is no software program to drive the USB connectors
The only item that is saved is the URL that you provide to us.

What is the opening rate of web pages ?

Of course, it varies according to the type of communication.
On the campaigns carried out by our customers and of which we had access to the statistics, the
average is 12%.
Knowing of course that a relevant and expected communication campaign will be able to record
scores of 50 to 70%.

How to measure my communication campaign?

To identify only access to your web page from the Web Papers, regardless of direct access or via other sources, just create a landing page of your final page.                                                              We will register on the connectors the URL address corresponding to this landing page.              Then, through the free tools of Google Analytics you can measure the number of accesses,
geographical origin, bounce rate, connection time, etc. by being sure that these statistics come from your “Web Paper” campaign.                                                                                                                The performance of your campaign can be proven, it is measurable and quantifiable.

Can you do mail routing ?

Yes, we provide this service.
We can customize envelopes or even customize each Web Paper.
Once the enveloping done, we make the post deposit to the post office.

Is it possible to save data to USB connectors ?

We can save data, videos, presentations or others on WebKey.
For this, we will fix the necessary memory and add a USB controller to control this memory.
In this case, connectors lose their function of automatically launching a Web page and take the technical characteristic of USB sticks.

Is it possible to change the URL of the connector ?

No, once the registration of the URL is done, this operation is definitive and not reversible.
On the other hand, your destination web page is not fixed and can evolve according to your

What is the lead time ?

Depending on the quantities, the delay varies from 10 to 15 working days after validation of a digital copy to press.

How are Web Papers made ?

Once you have validate a digital copy to press for printing, the order for the printing of the printed pages is sent to our printer.
At the same time, we realize the cutting tool corresponding to the shapes of your Web Paper and we record on each connector your URL.
Upon receipt of printed material at our manufacturing site, we proceed to the cutting of each printed page on which we then stick a USB connector.
Before shipment, each print is inserted into a protective plastic bag.

Is it possible to protect access to the website with a password ?

Yes, if you plan on your web page a login with password, these can be sent to your correspondents by email or, by a separate letter.
The interest is to carry out a targeted tracking.

How long does the Web Paper last ?

It is in theory infinite. As long as the URL of your web page is valid, the connector will continue to launch it automatically.