The video brochures and Webflyers represent the bridge between the world of digital and printing. This allows not only to personalize the digital content (URL for the webkey and videos for the brochures) but also the paper.

In order to help you achieve the best communication tool, here is a little lexicon of the different terms we use to customize the printed paper.

1 Varnish and selective varnish

This is a protective layer applied to the print to beautify it. They can be applied all over the print or just on a small part.In the latter case we speak of selective varnish.

The varnish applied selectively will allow for example to highlight a logo, a typography, a visual on a matte paper.

vernis-selectif webkey - vernis selectif 1177x800 - What print finishes for your Web Flyers and Video Brochures

2 Film coating or lamination

Like varnish, film coating will ensure a role of printed protection but unlike varnish it can only be applied on a solid surface. This is as its name suggest a thin film deposited on the print. There are types of film coating :

  • Matte lamination
  • Glossy lamination
  • Canvas lamination (looks like fine fabric)

3 Embossing, stamping, thermo relief printing

These terms are synonyms et denote a process for putting a portion of the print in relief or dug. This require the creations of specific tools, similar to a mold and a precise calibration of the material. The way it looks at the end is very qualitative. Embossing is often associated with hot stamping.

embossage brochure video webkey - embossage 580x400 - What print finishes for your Web Flyers and Video Brochures

4 Hot stamping

It involves applying a thin film of metallized film on a part of the adapted printed material via a heat transfer marking apparatus : text, pattern…

The most common hot stamps are gold and silver (gold and silver colors).

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