Video brochures are an innovative way to communicate in the field of the real estate.

Forget paper brochures that need to be printed regularly and that offer only a limited user experience.

Video brochures allow you to present to a prospect, seller or buyer, videos, images but also 360 degree tours of real estate or services offered for a price below of an entry-level touch pad.

The video brochure, what is it?

This is a brochure with an LCD/TFT screen inside and buttons to act on sound and reading!

What are the benefits of video brochures in real estate development :

Video brochures can hold up to 8 Gb of data, so you can add several videos or images that can be scrolled trough the control buttons.

You can also integrate for a touch sensitive screen to present a 3D tour of a property.

If you wish, you can opt for brochures in the colors of your agency and choose to insert videos or images according to the prospect trough a computer and a simple USB plug.

Changing the videos presented in the brochures is a breeze : you connect the brochure to your computer with a simple mini  USB cable and then you just have to change the videos in the directory of the brochure.

It is as easy as changing files in a USB key.

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En savoir plus sur les brochures vidéoYou can also customize your brochures for a specific property.

Examples of use of real estate video brochures:

If you are marketing a building, you can customize the brochures so that each button corresponds to a floor or type of apartment.

As well, if you market an apartment, you can decide that each button corresponds to a room.

You can use the brochure to promote an agency network and highlight your specifities, your strengths.

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What can you customize?

Absolutely everything: the type of paper, the memory capacity, the number of control buttons (sound, next video, previous video, button dedicated to a video, button to change language, the type of screen (from 2.4″ up to more than 10″, the print finish (matte or glossy), the number of sheets, insert an inside flap, notches to slip your business cards…

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How much does it cost?

The price depends on the amount of brochures as well as variations, but to give a price range, between 12tot 80 euros per unit (between  business card and A4 brochure size with embossing finish, larger size of screen…). An average price for a 7″ A5  brochure is around 35 euros.

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