Every year, many companies are required to prepare an annual activity report.

This document contains informations on the accounts but also on the activity of the past year. It is an excellent communication tool, the opportunity to get a message, to reassure or to inform your contacts.

For most businesses, this annual activity report can include dozens or hundreds of pages. This represents significant printing costs.

First solution : to reduce these printing costs, some companies produce a summary document gathering the main information of the report. They then print the complete report only for certain interlocutors such as administration or the general assembly.

Second solution : produce the annual report in digital format : pdf, page or website etc. This solution has the advantage to be sent by mail (no extra cost) to as many people as necessary. They are nevertheless some disadvantages : you need to have the valid email adresses of all your contacts and also you can not make the document available for consultation.

Benefits of the web key

The web key brings a new dimension to the activity report by combining the advantages of paper and digital :

Companies can print a single introductory document AND make the full version available online via a web key attached to the printed page..

It is thus possible to physically distribute the document by post mail reducing significantly the costs related for printing! The cost of a web key is a few cents (connector only) to a few euros (printed paper or card included)

Webkeys can be easily integrated into any paper medium or integrated into a plastic card  to improve the life of the communication tool.

How the webkey works

The way it works is very simple :

Send the webkey to your contacts. by inserting the web key in the USB port of their computer, the contacts will be able to : either directly access the page dedicated to the annual report, or directly download a document on their computer. It will then be possible to recover with Google Analytics all information : how many people have accessed the page or document, from where in the world, etc…

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