The market for sending advertising mail, leaflets (flyers) is suffering. It decreased of 6% in 2017/2016 in volume and value (source study FrancePub 2018).

By the way French remain very attached to paper and prefer it to digital publications (source : http://www.ecofolio.fr/actualites/le-papier-plebiscite-par-les-francais). More than 73% of us actually prefer to read on paper rather than on a screen. Nevertheless, there is a shift in advertising investments of companies on the digital to the detriment of paper communication.

One of the main causes of this changeover is without context the greater ease of tracking offered by digital communication. At least in theory.

In practice, there is an innovative solution to accurately measure the results of your paper communication campaigns : the webkey!

It looks like a connector of one cm by two, very similar to a USB key. But the La resemblance stops there because it is not possible to store and modify data on a  webkey.

Connecteur webflyer face arrière webkey - arriere 280x280 - Measure the efficiency of your paper advertising campaigns
Connecteur web flyer face avant webkey - avant 280x280 - Measure the efficiency of your paper advertising campaigns

Instead, the key will only store one unique data : a URL link. No need for battery, the data is stored on the electronic component and the connection to the computer triggers activation of the web browser and the writing of the URL address in the browser..

Some examples of possible uses of the webkey :

  • A welcome document for employees : the URL on the  webkey points to an online file, allowing your new employees to download it by one clic
  • Mobile app promotion : the URL points to the mobile app’s  download page
  • Event : the URL points to a dedicated event or private website, the user can then possibly connect with its IDs  (they can also be integrated into the URL)
  • Electronic greeting card : the URL points to a website with video
  • Real estate development : the URL points to your latest real estate programs
  • Price catalog : the printed catalog does not mention prices, these are visible online via the URL and thus constantly updated
  • etc.

To learn more and see some examples of achievements visite our dedicated page

Benefits of webkeys :

1 No risk of viruses, there is no “exe” files.

2 It is possible to customize the URL for each mail recipient 

3 It is cheap (a few cents)

4 If the URL is no longer editable once inserted in the connector, the content to which the URL points can be modified as many times as necessary.

5 The use of this connector makes it possible to measure the results of the campaign with standard analysis tools available on the market (AT internet, Google analytics…)

6 This connector can be integrated with all type of paper  communication media : leaflets, business cards, brochures, booklets, catalogs… to become a webflyer.

See the webkey page