How do the video brochures work ?

Usually, the one who receives the video brochure will open the flap that protects the screen and, the video will play automatically. This thanks to two magnetic contacts, invisible and integrated within the print (printed cardboard).
Of course, if you do not want the video to start on its own, we can
place an on/off button directly within the video brochure.

What buttons can I put on the video brochures and how many can I place ?

Except on business card (A10) formats where there is no place to place any button, on all other formats, we can place from 1 to 7 buttons.
In general, a Play / Pause button, two “volume” +/- buttons and for the rest of 1 to 4 selection buttons.

Am I limited to 4 video sequences or movies ?

No, from A4 sizes, it is possible to integrate more than 7 buttons.
On the other hand, it is possible to include two buttons “advance / return” for scroll through sequences or videos one after the other.

What is the recommended video size and which memory should I attach to it ?

An impacting message needs attention from beginning to end. Usually, majority of the videos that we realize do not exceed 3 to 4 minutes of clip.
Mainly, the video brochures are delivered in 128 MB corresponding to this timing.
Of course, in case of longer and/or multiple videos, we increase the size memory.                              If necessary, we can go up to 16 GB of memory.

Can I upload the videos myself or replace them ?

This is quite possible and very easy.
Each video brochure is supplied with a USB cable allowing, among other things, recharging the battery.
However, if you connect it to a Mac or a PC, considering the internal memory present in the brochure, this tool will be recognized as a storage device.
Through “My Computer” for PC or “Finder” on Mac, it’s easy to delete and replace one file with another.

However, it will be necessary to pay attention to the fact that the size of the new video is in conformity with the format and resolution of the screen and that the memory size of this sequence,
does not exceed the memory capacity of the one provided in the video brochure.

How should I do if I do not want my videos deleted or replaced ?

This option is possible but must be done within our factory by charging previously videos.
Thus, the recorded video can not be deleted or replaced, but also, it can not be saved on a computer.
Attention, cette fonction est définitive.

What is the autonomy and lifetime of video brochures ?

Each brochure has a lithium battery for continuous playback and without
reloading for approximately one hour and a half.
Because of their low usage, brochures can work without limitation, on several years.

How is the recycling of a video brochure ?

Video brochures are considered as an electronic product.
As an importing manufacturer we collect for the french territory the environmental taxes Ecotax (DEEE) allowing the financing of a specific sector of management of electrical and electronic waste according to the articles of the environmental code (articles L.541-10- 2 et R.543-172 à R.543-

Where are the video brochures made ?

We manufacture them in Mainland China, in Shenzhen, where the majority of products electronic devices are manufactured.
On our assembly site, we supply screens, manufactured according to our specifications at one of the two worldwild manufacturers of video screens.
Printed paper and cardboard are made at our printer.                                                                    Then, manufacturing and assembly starts from electronic components and Grade A memories.
Before shipment to Europe, each product is controlled by our quality department.

You manufacture in your factory based in China, but what about the import duties and taxes ?

When you place an order with Digital Plus Print, you buy from a french company based in Paris.
Every order arriving from our Shenzhen factory arrives in our Paris offices for loading videos and new quality control before delivery.
Our offers are therefore net of all import duties and taxes as the importer is our own society.

What is the timeframe for producing a video brochure ?

As a general rule, it is necessary to count according to the quantities from 12 to 20 working days starting from acceptance of a digital copy to press (BAT).
However, during Chinese holidays, these delays can vary.

Is there a guarantee on the video brochures ?

All our goods are guaranteed 1 year back to Paris.
In the event of a video brochure malfunction within this period, after retrieving it, we send it to our quality department based in Shenzhen.
If the defect is proven, we replace it as soon as possible.

Am I obliged to make video brochures in standard size ?

No, our design office is able to make any form of brochures that you would.
We carry out regularly all types of packaging in the form of boxes with specific impressions such as hot gilding, selective varnishes, phosphorescent printing, etc.                                                           Our long experience for the luxury industry is particularly recognized in this field.

Video brochures, is it expensive ?

Everything is relative, on standard sizes, depending on the quantities and options chosen, the
prices vary from 15 to 55 € per unit.

For which reasons, prices can vary in a few weeks ?

Material for making video brochures is purchased in US dollars. On the other hand, memories, video screens, batteries and electronic components may suffer
variations according to market tensions.
For example, the batteries are of the same technology as those used for cellphones. A new one coming out for a big American brand and prices for the batteries run away …

Are you able to make our videos ?

Digital Plus Print is a manufacturer of communication media such as video brochures
and connected flyers. On the other hand, if you do not have providers, we are
able to send you a short list of agencies specialized in this field.

I do not have a graphic designer to create the image of the video brochure, could you help me ?

Yes, following your brief, our DTP service is able to provide you with 2 or 3 proposals and make the graphic files for a digital copy to press and, if they are approved, finalise the files for printing.
This service, depending on the complexity of the objective are at a variable cost.

What is the type of printing for the visuals around the screen ?

Except for some copies that will be printed in digital printing with matte lamination, the video brochures are printed in offset with matte lamination or gloss.
On request, the prints can include hot gilding, selective varnish, embossing, etc.
Do not hesitate to contact us !

Can we include PowerPoint presentations on video brochures ?

Yes and no.
In Powerpoint, you can save a presentation in video format.
However, if you want to have all the features of a Powerpoint file, we can replace video screens with Android tablets
Thus, you will be able to present all types of documents: PDF, Powerpoint, videos, and
any kind of applications.