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Measure the efficiency of your paper advertising campaigns

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The market for sending advertising mail, leaflets (flyers) is suffering. It decreased of 6% in 2017/2016 in volume and value (source study FrancePub 2018). By the way French remain very attached to paper and prefer it to digital publications (source : http://www.ecofolio.fr/actualites/le-papier-plebiscite-par-les-francais). More than 73% of us actually prefer to read on paper rather than […]

Video brochures to innovate in real estate!

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Video brochures are an innovative way to communicate in the field of the real estate. Forget paper brochures that need to be printed regularly and that offer only a limited user experience. Video brochures allow you to present to a prospect, seller or buyer, videos, images but also 360 degree tours of real estate or services offered for a […]

The Web key, the ideal communication tool for its annual activity reports

webkey annual activity report

Every year, many companies are required to prepare an annual activity report. This document contains informations on the accounts but also on the activity of the past year. It is an excellent communication tool, the opportunity to get a message, to reassure or to inform your contacts. For most businesses, this annual activity report can include […]