Creator of impacting communication media !

Why use a creator of multi-sensory communication media ?

Creator of innovative multi-sensorial communication media, we have been producing video brochures, web keys and advertising media since 2013.

Located in Europe and Shenzhen (China) in the heart of the “Silicon Valley” of electronics, we wanted to be closer to our French customers.

Because of this wish, we have just opened offices in the center of Paris, allowing us to present our latest innovations.

Our teams have a long experience in digital communication solutions and therefore, can advise you and drive the manufacture of your multi-sensory communication tools.

In order to offer its customers the latest innovations, our company dedicates a significant part of its results in R & D enabling us to constantly develop new electronic communication media, related to on-line and off-line digital applications.

Test des composants des brochures vidéo multy-sensory communication - IMG 1255 copie 1067x800 - About us
Chaine de montage Brochures vidéo multy-sensory communication - IMG 1254 copie 1067x800 - About us
Assemblage des brochures vidéo multy-sensory communication - IMG 0835 copie 1067x800 - About us

Why choose DigitalPlusPrint ?

After several years spent on sales and communication positions, we know that:

  • The habit makes the monk
  • A first good impression is a guarantee of success
  • The quality of the communication media is a message in itself to your contacts

You want unique communication media ?

Even the most complicated, original, unexpected, we study and are able to manufacture them for you.

Sky is our limit !

Why choose a manufacturer ?

We are one ofthe few manufacturers in the world to use high quality and latest generation video panels to faithfully reproduce the high quality of your images.

And beyond that, all the components used (memories, electronic components, graphic cards …) are A grade. Thus guaranteeing you optimal functions in the long term.

For Lithium batteries, the technologies developed by our partners allow a maximum duration of use for a minimal space requirement.

What are the guarantees offered ?

As a manufacturer, and unlike the majority of European trading companies, we have implemented multilevel quality control processes :

  • Control the conformity of your graphic files for the best quality printing.
  • Control the conformity of your video files with the formats and resolutions of selected screens.
  • Printing check against customer validated proof.
  • If necessary, validation of a physical printing proof (optional on request)
  • At the end of production process, quality control of each video brochure before shipment to our logistics center based in Paris France.
  • Check before shipment to your address, when loading video by our operators.

Therefore, by choosing DigitalPlusPrint, you trust a manufacturer who knows the entire production chain.

Your orders will be delivered without surprise and within the announced deadlines.